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Poker Splash is a game of falling playing cards blocks. To clear blocks you need to make valid poker hands (two pair or better) by either row or column.

Block of 141 gambling Web sites and control of the domain names given to Kentucky

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Gamblers in Kentucky will no longer be able to access some online casinos because of a legal fight being led by the state’s governor.

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Poker strategy – Some basic concepts

Poker strategy is a complex subject. This article only attempts to introduce basic strategy concepts.
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The fundamental theorem of poker

The fundamental theorem of poker, introduced by David Sklansky, states that every time you play your hand the way you would if you could see your opponent’s cards, you gain, and every time your opponent plays his cards differently from the way he would play them if he could see your cards, you gain. This theorem is the foundation for many poker strategy topics. For example, bluffing and slow-playing are examples of using deception to induce your opponents to play differently than they would if they could see your cards. There are some exceptions to the fundamental theorem in certain multi-way pot situations, as described in Morton’s theorem.

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Trick or Treat

It’s the new Carbon Poker promotion. As you play and earn comp points your admin tracks your eligibility for prizes, unlocking them as you reach the set comp point increment.

The best part is once you unlock a prize, you can trick or treat. Trick or Treat gives you the chance to win something better – a treat or to get tricked into something worse.

Also keep an eye out for the cool halloween graphics at the tables!

Sit and Go Texas Holdem Tournament (7/7)

Poker Tips

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