CarbonPoker New Software Release – Version 4.4 Coming Soon!!

Version 4.4 will be finished off and released in a matter of days and will improve on Carbon’s already top of the line software.

So what new and exciting goodies and gaming features can you expect with the new client? Well first off, the whole client will be going through a bit of an overhaul, it will have the same look you know, but will also include updates to many features and some that are completely new. To give a bit of an appetizer for the upcoming release some new features that will be seen are…

* A time bank feature that allows you some precious extra seconds when those critical decisions need to be made.

* A new casino side game – Euchre, where you play alongside and against other live players.

Thats really all we have to tell you for now about the new release, but stay tuned as there will be more details about the upcoming release closer to the date. This promises to be a very exciting time for Carbon Poker players.


Poker Olympics 08

With the countdown to the 2008 Olympic Games heating up, soon the eye’s of the World will be focused on Beijing and the spirit of the games. However, at CarbonPoker its not just how you play the game, but how much FREE cash you can win!

Throughout August, your admin area will track the comp points you earn and the cash prizes unlocked along the way. There will be comp point increments, starting with the Bronze medal and once you have cleared each comp point requirement you will receive an INSTANT cash prize. Once you have won all 10 Bronze medals, it will unlock the Silver medals and even bigger cash prizes. The best part is every time you win 10 of the same medals, you also receive a bonus cash prize – Up to $700!

Each medal will represent a set comp point requirement, and a corresponding cash payout. Every time you reach the next increment, the matching medal will light up and you’re an INSTANT winner. The more points earned, the more cash won!

You can win nearly $2,000 in cash prizes plus earn even more free cash with August’s reload code, simply by reaching all of the comp points goals and unlocking all the medals. The best part is you can win up to 33 different cash prizes!


Poker Tips

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