5 Poker Tips to Help Ensure Victory

If you’ve got to the top of your game and just want a little extra push to become the ultimate poker player – here are 5 top tips to improve your game even more.

1. Understand your opponents

This is key, and if you haven’t mastered this part of poker game yet it really does need to be at the forefront of your mind when playing.

Who is this player? That is a good question to start with. When you play face to face it is easy to make assumptions about players – not so simple when you are hidden behind a computer screen. Even if the poker room you are playing lets you build a character and express yourself – it can still be an impossible task to work out exactly what kind of player your opponent is.

When playing poker, always be aware of what is going on around you. Try to get a feel for the players – take note of who calls regularly, who bets aggressively and who is a guaranteed fold. Also noting the time it takes player to call a bet can really tell you a lot about their playing style.
Note – those that auto call are usually n00bs.

2. Be selective

And we mean this in many ways – be selective in the hands that you play, in the pots that you call and in the bets that you make. Bear in mind that some players may be trying out tip 1, and may be trying to psychoanalyse YOUR play.

A fun trick is to try to seem inconsistent – bet a mix of high and low poker hands. Take various amounts of time to call. It all helps to confuse your opponent.

3. Don’t bluff too much

Should only be utilised in certain situations, but can really lead to big pay offs. Always keep your opponent guessing!

Another tip is to read your players – if you are betting against a player that calls many bluffs then make sure to proceed with caution. It’s difficult to beat someone at their own game!

4. Have confidence

Know yourself and have faith – even the best professional players struggle with this after a bad run. But it is important to always keep your cool, and try to fight the losing streak, even when it feels like it may bury you.

Of course, every good gambler knows when to walk away to avoid losing a lot of money. And that way you live to play another day!

5. Change the way you play

Keep the majority play consistent, but don’t play too obviously.

If you recognize people that you have had a game with in the past (or if playing online, you may recall the avatar or username), it can really throw them if you play a different game from the last time they met you.

For example, try playing aggressively one match and passively another match. See what works for you – it’s probably something in between. But still switching your play like this can encourage you to pick up helpful tips from each style of play.


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