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Online Poker increases its popularity thanks to mobile technology

Registering at an online casino is now easy and an accessible thing to do if you are willing to play online poker. Mobile technology has changed in many different ways this five-card draw game which now offers several exciting online poker variations and that leads us to one of the most common questions, is video poker better than casino slots in any way? Which are the main differences?

Let’s start by answering the main question, what is video poker?

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How Poker Is Referenced Throughout Popular Culture?

Poker’s place in our day-to-day culture is well-supported by its inclusion in typically ‘non-poker’ contexts in TV shows, films, books and music. One of the most notable ways that this has been achieved is through the many poker-themed songs that have been released over the years.

As fans of poker, we are always pleased to see our favourite game referenced in popular culture. Did you know that there are certain theories that posit that listening to music will make you a better poker player? Whether you favour punk or rock, or like cheesy pop classics, music can get your adrenaline going, increase motivation and create a rhythm of play.

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Buy-in Amounts for Card Counters

It is important as a card counter to buy-in for limited amounts and keep buying in if you lose. I once read an account of some blackjack players who made a very serious mistake. They walked into a casino and bought into a blackjack game for $1000. That is no bad thing in itself but they then proceeded to play only $5 per hand.

Firstly you need to place yourself into the minds of the dealers and pit bosses. When they see someone buy in for $1000 at blackjack then they immediately think “here comes a big player”. So in this instance betting $5 per hand looks rather strange and is contrary to what they are expecting you to do. But then again this isn’t necessarily bad either but the final mistake that this player made was to escalate his bets when the count went positive to many times what his starting bet had been.

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Online Bingo – The New Poker?

Firstly let us reassure you that we are not suggesting that online bingo is as intellectually challenging as is online poker; we confer that in terms of skill levels poker is by far the most demanding of the two, though in both poker and bingo a little bit of luck can go a long way. When we suggest that online bingo might be the next online poker, we are talking about its popularity amongst online gamers along with the revenue it generates for online bingo operators.

It is interesting to note that although the growth of online poker has over recent years has been sensational, its growth has not been a smooth one and on occasion it has changed direction and has gone into a decline. This was never clearer than during the Football World Cup in 2010. During the period immediately before, during and for some time afterwards that number of online poker players dropped so dramatically that some online poker operators got into cash flow problems. Presumably this was due to many poker players being keen football fans and also could have had something to do with a temporary change in gambling patters.

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Poker for the Poor

Sometimes also a game like poker can be used for good purposes. It’s what Labyrinth does.

For what I can read in their website, Labyrinth is a South African independent and voluntary association, that has embraced the exponential social phenomenon of the game of Poker and is using it to challenge the idea of gambling for personal gain.

Poker for the Poor is an event which takes place once a month at a revolving venue and the winner of the game is helped to use the money to improve the life of a fellow South African who they regard as poor. They assist the winners to define what they understand by poverty and play an active role of encountering a situation of poverty.

Apart from the real benefit to a variety of situations of poverty, people with more money are helped to encounter people with less in a way that empowers them to continue taking greater responsibility.

Well done, Labyrinth! May you be an example to many others.


Poker Tips

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