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Why Great Blackjack Players make Great Poker Players – and Vice Versa

blackjack3Poker and blackjack are two very popular games that are played by millions of people in casinos and online. In blackjack you are playing the dealer, sticking to actions that depend on your cards. In poker you are playing against other opponents without the same set rules of action. Considering this, why would a poker player make a good blackjack player? And vice versa? Despite their differences, there are many skills that each player shares, which makes changing games a successful move.


Blackjack is the most widely played casino game in the world, but it doesn’t come with the glitz and glam of the poker tables. In blackjack you play the dealer, not other players; the aim of the game is to beat the dealer by reaching a final score higher than the dealer without exceeding 21, or allowing the dealer to draw additional cards until their hand exceeds 21 (called “busting”). Professional blackjack players tend to be characters who are problem solvers who work to set solutions; they are mathematical and methodical players.
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The best online poker players

You only have to look at Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram to see that there is a lot of money to be made in poker. The venture capitalist/poker player has forged out a very successful career for himself both on and off the table.

The money one can make from poker is frightening but what is more surprising is the amount of money you can win from a successful online poker career. Below are some of the best.

Phil Ivey

Ivey is widely regarded as the greatest poker player of his generation. On land-based tables he has scooped nine World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and one World Poker Tour title but “The Phenom” is just as prolific online.

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Daniel Negreanu

Being a poker pro looks like the greatest job in the world, right? Daniel Negreanu is for sure one of the most entertaining and successful players today, he has fun and communicates fun to his audience. Likely this is one of the reasons for which you can very often watch him on TV playing some tournament somewhere.

Daniel Negreanu aka “Kid Poker” is a real star in the poker world and is definitely one of the best up and coming poker players on the tournament scene.

Daniel Negreanu, who was born in 1974 in Toronto, Canada, is a professional poker gambler with a lot of skills. At the age of 21, he left school and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada like a lot of poker players. He is a great tournament player and he proves it with his profitable game.

In 1998, Daniel Negreanu appeared for first time in World Series of Poker. Surprisingly, he won the Pot Limit Texas Holdem Tournament at the age of 23. He was the youngest player to win a bracelet at that time. This incredible success attracted the attention of the other gamblers and soon Daniel earned the name of Kid Poker.

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Think like a pro

I always say: to win like a pro you must think like a pro, to think like a pro you must know what a pro thinks 🙂 … and what can you learn if the pro is also a legend? Let’s discover Doyle Brunson.

Here is an article published today on the hosted google news and written by Tim Dahlberg, a national sports columnist for The Associated Press. Write to him at if you like.

Poker legend Doyle Brunson comes from another era

Doyle Brunson Being a poker legend in Las Vegas at this time of year means having your picture taken with a lot of different people. A lot of them have the same question for Doyle Brunson just before the click of the camera.

“People ask, `Did you ever have your picture taken in the old days?'” Brunson says. “I said, `Yeah I did, but they usually fingerprinted me afterward.'”

Nobody’s looking to put Brunson behind bars these days. Quite the opposite.

He’s poker royalty at a time when poker defies economic chaos and keeps booming. He’s also somewhat of a poker conglomerate, with his own poker web site, a couple of how-to books, and even a virtual casino.

He was a star before television ever discovered the game, winning back-to-back World Series of Poker titles in the 1970s. He’s also one of the last remaining links to the roots of Texas Hold ‘Em as the 40th WSOP gets underway just off the Vegas Strip.

Most of all, though, the 75-year-old who got his start hustling cards in towns across Texas, is still a player.

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Peter Eastgate: The World Champion Speaks

By Matthew Showel

The 2008 WSOP Main Event final table has been called historic, and when Peter Eastgate took it down earlier tonight in Las Vegas it lent a great deal of credence to that claim.

To replace Phil Hellmuth as the youngest-ever World Champion, at 22, Eastgate had to wade through a massive 6,843-strong field and face Russia’s Ivan Demidov heads-up. Eastgate, who plays under the name Isser on, didn’t look worried for a second.

When it comes to media circuses in poker the Main Event’s conclusion is unparalleled. Thanks to a well-placed microphone and the ability to interrupt people, we managed to get a few choice cuts from the post-victory discussion.

Congratulations Peter. Take us through that last hand.

Sure. To sum up the heads-up match a bit I got him crippled, down to under $20 million, and I was lucky he hit two pair on the turn in the last hand and I hit the wheel. It was inevitable that it would go in there. So I was very lucky in that spot.

You were in control of this match for most of the time. Tell us a bit about how it went.

Well, the early stages of heads-up were just the standard swings. I didn’t make any real mistakes. It might have been that he was catching hands but he was taking good advantage of the spots. But I wasn’t afraid of him getting the chip lead. I was confident in my game and I really just wanted to keep playing the game I always do.

I do try to adjust to my opponents and change gears but I wasn’t in doubt of what I was doing. I think I played great.

You’re so calm right now. You just won $9 million and you’re sitting here with such a calm look. How are you feeling?

Well, I guess I haven’t really realized how big this is. I’m sure in the next day or week I will become more emotional.

Do you have a background in games or sports? Are you really competitive?

I’m just a gambler. I’ve been gambling for like four years. With poker I approach it by just putting in a lot of hours. I try to learn from my mistakes and improve my game. I was introduced to poker in high school and I loved it.

Will you be watching it tomorrow on television?

That’s for sure! But tonight I have to celebrate.

How does it feel to be the youngest Main Event winner?

It’s incredible. It’s great to have this record. Phil Hellmuth wished me luck yesterday.

Was there a clear turning point at this final table?

For the whole final table I never got below $20 million. There was one big hand against Dennis Phillips where I got up to almost $40 million so I think that would be the turning point. When I got to heads-up I was pretty confident. I thought I had an edge over everyone but Ivan was probably the most competent player at the table.

It was kind of expected when I ended up heads-up with Ivan.

Thanks Peter and congratulations again.

* * * * * * * * * * *

It seems like Peter Eastgate is a man of few words. Luckily for him his play was able to speak volumes at this final table. Eastgate may have run great, but he backed it up with an extremely disciplined strategy.

We’ll be seeing a whole lot more of Peter in the next year as he begins his one-year sentence as worldwide ambassador of poker, carrying on the long tradition of PokerStars champions.

Having waited so long for this day it’s hard to believe it’s come and gone. In the end it was the longest Main Event final table in history. We enjoyed every second of it and we’ll be back next year to do it all over again.

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