Learn When To Fire A Second Barrel On The Turn

Concerned with firing a second barrel on the turn? There are strategies that will help you become successful with this move.

Every poker player has experienced raising their hands confidently thinking they are on for the win but then there is nothing found on the flop. If the hand does not seem to look as great as it was before and a raise in the pot is at stake, what will you do? You cannot just end up hoping that your opponents flops have nothing in them too so that you get the pot. But just the same, you cannot just give up once you are called on the flop and not able to improve after the turn.

Firing a second barrel on the turn will be good to help you increase the chances of winning the game. How will you succeed in this case? You cannot use second barrels in poker any time you want. The following situations will explain when you should continue firing a second time or not.

Heads-Up During a Turn

You basically need to have the cards head-up at every turn. Never fire a second bullet up until there is one opponent left on the turn. Do not wait for several calls on the flop because you make your opponents stronger when this is the case.

The Cards Displayed on the Turn

As a preflop raiser, opponents will expect that all big cards on the turn will signal an improvement in the cards you are holding. Getting kings and aces on the turn will mean there is a better chance firing the second barrel.

Turns That Are Bad For Your Opponent

Second barrels work only if you are sure that the card on the turn is bad for your opponent’s own card. The last thing you want is to realize that your opponent is confident to invest more money into the pot. When there are overcards to the board, you should take advantage of them since they can dictate the need for firing second barrels. This is a signal that your opponent lessened his chances of improving his pair of cards.

Plausible and possible flush as well as straight opportunities will also be a good way to fire a second barrel. Your opponent may just simply be drawing to that possible flush you are holding and this can mean he is holding a weaker pair. This will make him chicken out as the board becomes more threatening to the weak pair he is already holding.

Passive Opponents

Big bluffs may be good but not when you are playing against the toughest player on the table. Remember that opponents calling preflop and are on the flop are more than willing to go all the way. Holding big bluffs against these players will cost you much money. Fire a second barrel only when you know your opponent is playing passively. Take note that when opponents have plenty of hands in their range, it is a sign that they cannot sustain aggressiveness. Picking on those players will make you succeed in the game.

Exercise caution against players that keep on calling others down even with weaker pairs in their hands. You can definitely bluff these players but if you are calling on a wrong timing, there is less chance you will be believable. Waiting for a decent hand will be better when this is the case because you will get paid off in the process if you do.


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