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What Makes Some Poker Rooms More Popular Than Others

There are some obvious differences between playing poker online and actually sitting across other players in the table. Not only do we not get to see our opponents’ movements, physical language or reactions, and therefore their poker tells, but we must also consider that each one is in a different place – and sometimes time – which might also affect the way they play. Because of these uncontrollable aspects, those who play online end up focusing on other features of their contenders, including their speed, patterns, number of flops or other non-physical characteristics. In addition to these differences, there is also one other thing that we must consider, which is that it is sometimes easier to choose a poker room when we are actually able to walk in it and get a general sense of the place, instead of when we have to access it online. This is why there are several details that can help us select the best virtual rooms and guide us in order to pick wisely among the large number of available options to play online.

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Go down under for the Aussie Millions

One of the premier events on the live circuit
The Aussie Millions has fast become one of the most enduring and exciting events on the live circuit. Taking place in Melbourne, Australia, the event annually plays host to all of the major pro players, looking to snap up one of the most attractive prize pools on the circuit. Join bwin for a trip of a lifetime to the prestigious Aussie Millions.

An Aussie Millions prize package from bwin
bwin is offering comprehensive prize packages including a Main Event Buy-in of $8,800, a 6 Handed Side Event Buy-in of $1,800, flights and spending money of $2,500 and a stay in a luxury hotel worth $2,900, bringing the total package value to $16,000.

Qualify today with bwin
bwin is offering four incredible ways to qualify for the Aussie Millions. The four routes are as follows: the $300+20 qualification route paying out prize packages via the Online Finals, qualify for this route for just $2 or buy in directly to the Online Finals. A 100k freeroll paying out superb Aussie Millions prize packages for free! Prize packages are also available via the regular Big Bounty tournament at bwin. And finally, the Head Hunter tournament: knock out the most players in this all-new tournament concept and you’ll win a superb Aussie Millions prize package.


Seven-Deuce No Limit Hold’em Tables implemented at Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker

One of the hottest variants of Texas Hold’em in the last years will be available on the sister sites of the Cereus network – Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker. The Seven-Deuce tables should start operating at 5:00pm ET on Sunday, August 2nd.

7-2 as hole cards is basically the worst hand in the book, but it also represents a great challenge for the poker player. The innovative tables at Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker will have every player contribute a side bet between 1.5 and 2x the big blind (depending on the size of the table). This side bet will be paid out to the player who wins a hand holding the infamous 7-2.

Ultimate Bet spokesman and pro Phil Hellmuth really likes this Hold’em variant. He enthused saying that: “The 7-2 side pot adds an adrenaline-pumping element to Hold’em that you need to experience to believe. I once bluffed Mike Matusow off of two kings with 7-2 as my hole cards. Everyone at the table was floored, but I was on top of the world after collecting $500 a man for pulling it off with the worst hand in poker. Now this awesome side pot game is available online at Ultimate Bet, and Hold’em will never be the same again.”


$20,000 freeroll tournament

Titan Poker, one of the most famous poker rooms in the World, offers to its new players a chance to play an incredible $20,000 freeroll tournament!
It is a tournament dedicated to all new players. Making your first deposit, you will get 5 tokens for the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday satellite.
Each satellite will award 50 seats for the big tournament.
These are the 3 steps you’ll need to do to sit at the table:
1) Download the Titan Poker software here.
2) Register an account.
3) Make an initial deposit.

That’s all!
Note: The “Token” invitations are manually dispatched after your payment. Contact online support as soon as you made the transaction and ask for your invitations.

Do not forget also that Titan Poker gives you 100% up to $ 500 on your initial deposit.
The progressive jackpots are always available on Maui and Rio Tournaments.

Test yourself, challenge players from around the world and qualify for the ECPokerTour,  the WSOP and many other live tournaments around the world.


Fundamental Theorem of Poker and Morton’s theorem

In a recent post I wrote about the benefits of playing a non-optimal strategy in poker. I also briefly illustrated the Fundamental Theorem of Poker, introduced by David Slansky, the father of modern poker:
Anytime you are playing an opponent who makes a mistake by playing his hand incorrectly based on what you have, you have gained. Anytime he plays his hand correctly based on what you have, you have lost.”

Today I’d like to show the limits of the theorem and the support given by what is nowadays known as the Morton’s Theorem with some maths.

Against Fundamental Theorem of Poker, Morton’s Theorem states that in multi-way pots, a player’s expectation may be maximized by an opponent making a correct decision.

But actually David himself intended to apply his theory to head-to-head situations, which involve only two players. So when one theorem falls, another comes in support.

The most common application of Morton’s theorem occurs when one player holds the best hand, but there are two or more opponents on draws. This situation may happen many times during a poker tournament. In this case, the player with the best hand might benefit from the absolutely “correct” decision of her opponent to fold to a bet.

Morton proposed an example very similar to the following one to prove his thesis.

Consider in a limit hold’em game the following situation:

Flop       –> KS9H3H
Player A   –> ADKC (top pair and best kicker)
Opponent B –> AHTH (9 outs for the flush draw)
Opponent C –> QC9C (4 outs — not the QH which gives the flush to the opponent B)

Turn       –> 6D

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Poker Tips

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