Optimal vs. non-optimal strategy in poker

Let me start this article with some basic concepts on game theory: what is game theory? and, first, what is a game?

A game describes situations in which different agents interact “strategically” choosing rationally actions that maximize their individual targets up to a set of specified constraints.
The game theory proposes criteria to resolve and define the results of “strategic” interaction.
The term “strategic” is used to mean the fact that every agent’s choice of actions depends on his knowledge or expectations about the behavior of other interacting agents.

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The Race Trophy is entering the home straight

After the stop in the United Kingdom on July the 26th, the Poker Race Trophy continues on full throttle to Germany and then Italy for the last two semi-finals. The climax of this, the most adrenalin-fuelled event of the year, will be the 6-seated 500K final in Vienna this November. All semi-finals – as well as the final – are televised on EuroSport and will give you the chance to become a poker star.


Poker Tips

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