Online Poker increases its popularity thanks to mobile technology

Registering at an online casino is now easy and an accessible thing to do if you are willing to play online poker. Mobile technology has changed in many different ways this five-card draw game which now offers several exciting online poker variations and that leads us to one of the most common questions, is video poker better than casino slots in any way? Which are the main differences?

Let’s start by answering the main question, what is video poker?

Video poker, as you may think, has a lot in common with traditional casino slot machines. It´s an individual way of playing the game as you have no interaction with other players or a dealer, so there are no other hands to beat. The nowadays online version of this game offers the players quick access to several online casinos and an exciting way of winning real money.

Let´s see how to play poker machines, as we said the basic video poker game is designed as a five-card draw game. The paytable appears on the screen and the player can easily check the amount of money each winning hand will pay. You can either cash the money or save it as credits and cash it at any time. You can “bet one credit”, up to five credits are admitted, or you can push de “bet max” button. This way the machine will use all of your credits on that particular hand.

If you are interested and want to learn to play poker video you must know that the game is based on the traditional five-card game, as we said,  where the player is given 5 cards and can discard any or all of them. After the 5 cards are placed, you may hold them, with the hold button, or discard them by pushing the deal or draw button which will replace all the cards that were not held at first. New cards will be placed, if necessary, and that will be the final hand where your game will be compared to the paytable and determine if you are a winner.

Video poker vs slots

At first sight, you may think that these two ways of playing are much the same, it is true that they have many things in common, for example, it is well known that the card combinations are determined by a random number generator and that you are not playing against another player but against the machine.

Anyway, video poker has an interesting twist that adds more excitement to the game than the pure chance mode that we find in slots. In video poker, players have the possibility to make decisions that can affect the outcome of the game. How does it work? Skilled players can calculate the possible combinations if they pay special attention to their frequency, as well as by choosing the games with the best probability of winning. This offers the player the chance of making strategies and not rely everything on luck.

This leads us to the next most frequently asked question about how slot machines are programmed and how slot machine software works.

To begin with, we should say that slot machines are designed to be attractive, easy to use, and with showy graphics, most casinos also have themed games, which appear to be very popular and attract a lot of players.

The software works by using a mathematic algorithm that determines the result of that bet and there is nothing you can do, as a player, to change it. They are programmed computers that give the casino the exact information about how much money each slot machine would make during its usage.

The present of video poker games

Fortunately, we now have many online versions of the game which make it very accessible for players to reach their favorite casinos at a glance. Video poker mobile is an easy way to play the game because most of their software is perfectly adjusted to mobile devices and online gambling.

You just need a good internet connection and you can start playing online video poker on any screen, we highly recommend looking for positive reputation casinos and selecting your choice between legitimate video poker sites.


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