A Quick List Of Must-See Poker Movies

Poker has worked its way into numerous televised series and movies, which have boosted the popularity and fame of this enjoyable card game tenfold. The environment of choice for most poker scenes comprises of the Wild West saloons from the last century, because the harsh environment and the rugged players gave virtually every hand played an extra touch of drama. Even though the 5 card draw reigned supreme in those times, it is safe to say that nowadays Texas Hold’em occupies the number one position in the top of player preferences.

Poker enthusiasts also have plenty of poker and gambling related films set in the modern day to choose from such as Rounders, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Sting, The Cincinnati Kid or The Gambler, to name but a few. For instance, Rounders starring Matt Damon is focused on depicting the actual world of the online poker casinos and the WPT, bringing to the scene all the elements that make the internet version of this game increasingly attractive to the public.

However, in The Cincinnati Kid, the director places the emphasis on the life of a young aspiring poker player in New Orleans and his attempt at becoming the best of the best. The story of the film does not lack an insight in the dirty underworld of the game, often portrayed in movies with shining and glitzy.

In Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, poker is utilized simply as the premise for the adventure of the main characters, who end up knee-deep in debt after one of them loses a game to a shady character. They gradually increase their debt with each attempt of recuperating the money throughout the course of this hilarious but partly dramatic action movie.

Another attempt at conveying the dangers of gambling-related debt, The Gambler, constitutes an excellent portrayal for the stereotype of risk-addicted player and his willful trip towards self destruction. The main character keeps on trying to win and attain debt relief by gambling, spiraling out of control.

If you were to choose a scene where all the psychological elements incorporated in poker are amazingly well-conveyed, then it would have to be the poker scene in The Sting. Thanks to the extraordinary performance of Paul Newman, the movie has become one of the most iconic pieces for gambling enthusiasts everywhere. While there is a singular poker scene in it, this film is representative for the idea that underneath the kind and polite masks exhibited by the players, the game of poker is always played with utmost seriousness!


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