Basic Draw Poker – Lesson #8: General conclusions

Ok, the lessons have finally ended and you probably have understood that playing poker is not that easy :-). But what have you really learnt from this brief course?

  • You can stay in the game in three cases only: If you believe that your combination is higher than the combinations of other players; if the pot odds are in your favor; if you have quite a big chance to improve your combination after drawing cards.
  • In most cases, you should open the game and respond to the bets of other players only when your chance to win is more than 50%. If you don’t have a pair or, better yet, 4 cards to a straight or flush, you need to fold without hesitation, your chances to beat the other players or to form a higher combination is minimal. Remember that in most cases, wins the conservative player, who is ready to lose some of the initial bets and enter the game with a strong hand.
  • In case you have a pair before drawing a card, consider its ranking value, the numbers of the players, the number of bets and raises. With a strong enough combination, you should try to make your opponents bet as much money as possible but very carefully since you shouldn’t frighten them away.
  • You also need to use some bluffing in order to make your game unpredictable. If you play honestly and always follow the same scheme, your cards will be easily read by your opponents.
  • You need to change your habits. When you have a pair, you can draw one, two or three cards. You should try to place different bets when you have the same combination of cards.
  • Try each game to strike the right balance between the disadvantage draw and deception of the enemy, between the bluff and open play.
  • You need to watch the other players, especially when they place bets and when they draw. This way you’ll find out their style of play and know who likes bluffing and who is inclined to fold or raise.
  • Keep in mind that poker is not just a card game – it is the insight of secret passions and desires, hidden thoughts, habits and opinions. You should forget about cards and build a model of human relations, trying to take a dominant position. You should always be one step ahead of your opponents, run ahead of their actions. You should lead the way, not to let them do it. You should manipulate them, you shouldn’t become their puppet. Poker is not only a game, poker – is a way of life. Having learned to win here, you will win everywhere in anything.

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