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Basic Draw Poker – Lesson #2: Jacks to open

Jacks to open is a variant of draw poker where the game can be open (the betting) only by a player who has a pair of jacks or higher combination. If nobody opens the game, all the ante bets stay on the table and players add to it their new ante bets (re-ante), cards are shuffled and dealt again. If any of the players has a pair of jacks or better, he opens the game and the game goes on following the usual rules.
Note: anyone who opens the game must prove later that he had a pair of jacks or higher combination. In order to do that, when the game is finished, the player shows his cards to other players and to the dealer. If the player who opens the betting wants to break his pair (for example, if he has J, J, 10, 9, 8 and he wants to replace one of the Jacks), he has to put the discarded cards in the middle of the table next to the pot and inform the dealer that these cards are not to be moved to the muck. Doing so, the player shows his initial combination to his opponents, so such a breaking is usually not done. If a player accidentally has opened the game, not having the desired combination, noticing his mistake, he should say about it and then the player to his left is to act (if he has the required combination) and the game continues. In this case, all players (except the mistaken one) are returned all their bets. If no one of the players opened the game, the pot (all ante bets and the bets of the player who made the mistake) stays for the next game.

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Basic Draw Poker – Lesson #1: Five card draw poker

This is the first of a series of articles about Draw Poker. We hope you enjoy the reading and find all this info helpful to put your game in shape 😉

The game is known also as California or Californian Poker. Before the beginning of the game and before the cards are dealt, all players place their ante bets i.e. they put the chips in front of them. The dealer, making sure that all bets are correct, moves them to the center of the table. This order of placing the bets (through the dealer) should be observed in the course of the game. All bets placed in the center of the table are called pot. All the players try to win the pot. After placing the ante, the dealer deals each player five cards face down. Thus, each player sees only his /her own cards and has no idea what cards other players hold.
Then the first betting round begins. The player who’s been dealt the cards first should act first.

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The Actual Effects of Poker Prohibition

The debate about legalization of online poker still continues in the US.

But let us take a look at the overall effect of poker prohibition so far. The ultimate goal of the US Justice Department and the UIGEA was to eliminate the money flow that went into gambling websites, with hopes of bullying them into shutting their doors to American consumers. Let us grade them.

1. Eliminating money to poker websites on the internet was a complete failure. Merely several days ago, a friend of mine tried to make an account on Epassporte and then he deposited money into it through his bank that was issued with a Visa Debit card, so that he could get money into Absolute Poker. And after fifteen minutes, he succeeded in doing this whole process, with no problems whatsoever.

2.  Bullying poker websites into shutting their doors to American players ended up being merely below average. Although they convinced Party Poker and handfuls of other smaller websites to shut their doors to American consumers, other websites such as Full Tilt, Poker Stars, Absolute Poker, Bodog and Ultimate Bet still stay open to American players. This is solid proof that legal issues that face online poker did not get much of their desired effects.

So what exactly has this ban actually accomplished?

1. They have made it difficult for people to transfer their winnings into their pockets since some taxes cannot be paid unless they are obtainable from the bank.

2. They have caused the highly reliable and respected e-wallet called Neteller to completely close down its operations in the US, giving space to tons of scam operations.

Will US Government succeed in facing the fact that a wide array of American citizens thinks that poker on the internet should not get banned and a lot of poker websites, as well as online casinos, all around the world still accept American players?


Why Should You Play Omaha

Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi Lo poker are becoming more and more popular every day. Players are flocking away from the familiar Texas Holdem tables to try something a little different and more advanced. Luckily, your poker room online probably offers a few Omaha tables, so you might as well head over and give them a shot. Major poker rooms, like Littlewoods poker, offer quite a few Omaha tables and even put on Omaha tournaments for their players.

What makes Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo so attractive?

It’s easy to learn

If you know how to play Texas Holdem, which you probably already do since you are playing poker online, Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo are very easy to learn. They are played almost the exact same ways, except in Omaha, you get four hole cards instead of two, and you must use two of your hole cards to make your hand. Also in Hi/Lo, players are playing for two different jackpots. If you understand Texas Holdem, you will understand Omaha in probably two minutes. If you need a refresher, head over to your favorite online poker school and do some research.

You Play In More Hands

Because you have four hole cards, there is a better chance of getting a good starting hand and taking part in a hand with other players. In Texas Holdem, it is a common to sit at a table for 30 minutes and not even play a hand down to the showdown. The most common play is to fold and your blinds just get drained. Omaha offers more action and more play for your blinds.

The Variance is Smaller

Especially if you are playing poker professionally, variance is a big issue. It is basically the swings that your bankroll goes through. Omaha is better than Holdem in that the variance is a lot smaller. Bankroll fluctuations are a lot smaller, and you have a smaller chance of going bust.
If you want more information on Omaha, head over to your favorite poker blog or a poker news site. They are sure to have an Omaha section where you can do some research, find more information and become a better Omaha player. If you are tired of playing Texas Holdem, head over to an Omaha Hi or Omaha Hi/Lo table. You will have lots of fun, win more money, and become a better poker player.


Why is Texas Hold ‘Em so Popular?

Poker has been around for hundreds of years. We all know that “Wild Bill” Hickock died at the poker table in Deadwood, Dakota Territory (now South Dakota), all the way back in the 1800s. What poker has never been, however, is nearly as popular as it is today with Texas Hold ‘Em. Even though the basic poker principals are the same, there are few styles of poker as exciting or engaging as Texas Hold ‘Em; why is that?

It’s simple, really: the fact that the majority of the cards are public, rather than private, information for the table is what makes the game of poker so unique. When the flop comes and three cards are up, it adds another psychological dimension entirely to an already psychologically complex game. Not only do you have to guess at what cards your opponents have, you also have to figure how the public cards relate to your hand and the opponent’s hand. Once the turn and the river come, the mathematics go completely wild and even more psychological complexity is added to the game. In addition, the public nature of the cards makes the game a very natural spectator sport, and since the game’s been on ESPN and all of the sports channels, its attendance has gone even higher.

It’s still a little inexplicable, though; the pros play Texas Hold ‘Em, but they also play all of the other styles of poker. The fact is, it may just be an accident of history. When the pioneers of online poker started the first real-money poker websites, they had absolutely no idea it would become so popular with not only the poker community, but also with mainstream sports fans. Now it’s a worldwide phenomenon, with millions of people playing online and in card rooms.

The United States government has even taken steps to shut down online poker, which should give you a hint at just how popular it is. Don’t worry, though, online poker companies have taken serious steps to make sure you can always online poker tournaments whenever and wherever you want. It’s extremely difficult to shut off the flow of money, and most online poker companies are protected by the laws of other countries outside of the United States. Various websites now offer free poker games to attract more players and give them some hands on experience before they start playing in real money tournaments. You can play Texas Hold ‘Em for as long as your heart desires as long as it stays popular, which it gives every indication of doing.


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