Online Pai Gow Tips Every Player Should Know

Have you played the exciting casino game of online Pai Gow? Read this post to know about the tips that can help you win in this game.

Basically a combination of Poker and a Chinese domino game, Pai Gow is an innovative variation of the standard poker game. If you are well versed with the rules of Poker and can follow our 5 poker tips methodically, you’ll find it easy to grab the concept behind Pai Gow.

Here are a few Pai Gow poker tips that can help you tackle the pact!

Take Time To Soak Up The Rules

Just like any other casino game, it’s very important to go through the game rules thoroughly and understand what is required. If you haven’t played poker yet, make sure to learn the basics, in order to make it easier for you to understand the game of Pai Gow. Your chances of winning can only be improved if you are thorough with the game-play rules.

Play The Bank

In comparison to any other player, a banker has better chances of winning a hand at Pai Gow. Hence, if you are looking to play the bank, this can be an important move. Be careful when you take such a step, as it is the most important position of all. Players with high bankroll are generally preferred for taking this crucial move, since the purpose is only served when you bet big as the banker.

Divide The Pairs

It’s always advisable to play 2 or 3 pairs, especially when you are experimenting with the game without wagering real money. This can prove valuable, as you get an opportunity to reduce the house edge and split the pairs in two winning hands. In case of the higher pair, always choose to play two-card hand.

Every Hand Is Equally Important

Majority of players exert too much effort on building a strong 5-card hand, rather than paying attention on the 2-card hand. It’s important to realize that every hand is equally important, if you are looking to strengthen your position against the opponent. The reason why you see those seasoned players making the most out of this game is the balance they maintain amid each and every hand.

There’s Nothing Called Full House In Pai Gow

Full house may be a good option when you are playing the game of Poker, but choosing this alternative in Pai Gow can be a disaster. It can leave you stranded with nothing to extract from the two-card hand. Try to make a strong two-hand, if you are dealt with one!

Do It The House Way

Initial stages of the Pai Gow game can be difficult to decipher. You are likely to be unsure about how the hands are arranged, and this is the time one should employ House Way option. It will arrange the best possible combinations for you, automatically.

3 Of A Kind

Ensuring that you are not dividing the cards, playing the 3-of-a-kind move is a smart choice in case of a 5 card hand. Dividing is only recommended when you have 3 aces, and a strong 2-card hand can be formed by having an aces pair. This way you get two strong hands, which can affect your chances of winning.


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