Poker for the Poor

Sometimes also a game like poker can be used for good purposes. It’s what Labyrinth does.

For what I can read in their website, Labyrinth is a South African independent and voluntary association, that has embraced the exponential social phenomenon of the game of Poker and is using it to challenge the idea of gambling for personal gain.

Poker for the Poor is an event which takes place once a month at a revolving venue and the winner of the game is helped to use the money to improve the life of a fellow South African who they regard as poor. They assist the winners to define what they understand by poverty and play an active role of encountering a situation of poverty.

Apart from the real benefit to a variety of situations of poverty, people with more money are helped to encounter people with less in a way that empowers them to continue taking greater responsibility.

Well done, Labyrinth! May you be an example to many others.


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