Poker Statistics: Some additional indicators

3 – bet indicator shows how often the opponent answers with re- raise to someone’s bet. It allows you to determine the range of 3 – bet hands and to determine with what hands you can answer to this 3 – bet.

Fold to 3 – bet indicator shows how often your opponent answers with a fold to a re – raise. Together with PFR this indicator can give you pretty good picture about the possibility to steal your opponent’s bet (in case he often folds to a re – raise and you can afford to play loose) as well as to make him pay your raise when you have weaker hand.

Cold Call indicator shows how often the opponent enters the game by calling someone else’s raise. If this indicator is higher than 7 %, you can consider yourself a very lucky man since you have an opponent ready to lose. But you should not use a lot of bluffing even during the post flop since he is not willing to fold. A short stack tight – aggressive player should have Cold Call indicator equal to zero.

Limp-Call (Call Pre – flop Raise) indicator shows how often a player who enters with a limp, answers to someone’s raise. The higher this indicator, the better for you.

Limp-Raise indicator shows how often a player who enters with a limp , answers to a raise with a re- raise. In case this indicator is from 2 % to 5 %, you need to be very careful since some of the players like to limp with monster hands, so if he makes a re – raise, the best decision is to fold.


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