Seven-Deuce No Limit Hold’em Tables implemented at Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker

One of the hottest variants of Texas Hold’em in the last years will be available on the sister sites of the Cereus network – Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker. The Seven-Deuce tables should start operating at 5:00pm ET on Sunday, August 2nd.

7-2 as hole cards is basically the worst hand in the book, but it also represents a great challenge for the poker player. The innovative tables at Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker will have every player contribute a side bet between 1.5 and 2x the big blind (depending on the size of the table). This side bet will be paid out to the player who wins a hand holding the infamous 7-2.

Ultimate Bet spokesman and pro Phil Hellmuth really likes this Hold’em variant. He enthused saying that: “The 7-2 side pot adds an adrenaline-pumping element to Hold’em that you need to experience to believe. I once bluffed Mike Matusow off of two kings with 7-2 as my hole cards. Everyone at the table was floored, but I was on top of the world after collecting $500 a man for pulling it off with the worst hand in poker. Now this awesome side pot game is available online at Ultimate Bet, and Hold’em will never be the same again.”


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