World Series of Poker final table preview: Part 2

From left: Darus Suharto, Ylon Schwartz and Peter Eastgate will begin the WSOP main event final table with plenty of chips.

Let’s continue the three-part series I started Monday to preview the World Series of Poker final table, which begins Sunday and will end sometime early Tuesday.

Darus Suharto — 12,520,000 in chips
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: an accountant at a WSOP final table who qualified for the main event through PokerStars. It was back in 2003 when Chris Moneymaker kicked off the poker boom, and now Suharto is looking to turn his $80 investment into more than $9 million.

• Suharto hadn’t heard of Moneymaker

• Suharto says he’s still a “donkey”

• Suharto cashed in the 2006 main event, too

Ylon Schwartz — 12,525,000 in chips
Schwartz isn’t interested in the fame and fortunate that would come with winning the main event. He told ESPN’s Gary Wise it was all about “freedom.” A former chess player, Schwartz got hooked on poker after he turned $200 into $12,000 in one weekend.

• Schwartz was against the final table delay

• Schwartz has lived the ups and downs of a poker lifestyle

• Schwartz has 10 other WSOP cashes

Peter Eastgate — 18,375,000 in chips
At 22 years old, Eastgate is the youngest player remaining. If he or Craig Marquis win the main event, they would break Phil Hellmuth’s record as youngest champion ever. But don’t equate Eastgate’s youth to inexperience. He’s logged countless hours online.

• Eastgate put up the $10,000 entry fee himself

• Eastgate will win main event

• Other tournament cashes

Monday: Kelly Kim, Craig Marquis and David “Chino” Rheen

Coming Friday: Scott Montgomery, Ivan Demidov and Dennis Phillips

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