Xmas Scavenger Hunt

This month Carbon Poker dust off an old favorite and bring back the Xmas Scavenger Hunt.

The festive season has never been more rewarding and with Carbon Poker Xmas Scavenger Hunt you have the opportunity to win up to 25 times, just by clearing each of the 25 Xmas tasks.  The Scavenger Hunt will include something for everyone with secret xmas smileys, secret santa sng’s and finally; $25,000 in cash and prizes!

Carbon Poker has also brought back the Secret Santa SnG’s. The Secret Santa SnG’s will have a unique Xmas theme which springs to life as the tournament begins. You can also enjoy Xmas Smilies, a festive deck and even special accolades for multiple Secret Santa SnG winners! The trouble is you won’t even know if it’s a Secret Santa Sit’n’Go until you’ve registered for the tournament and all players are seated, but those lucky enough to come across one of these special Xmas tables will find a nice little surprise waiting for them!

Initial Deposit Bonus – 100% Up to $600 (max  dep $600) + Bonus 1k freeroll entry
Code: XMAS100

Bad Beat Jackpot has now crossed over the $700,000 mark!


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