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Online Bingo – The New Poker?

Firstly let us reassure you that we are not suggesting that online bingo is as intellectually challenging as is online poker; we confer that in terms of skill levels poker is by far the most demanding of the two, though in both poker and bingo a little bit of luck can go a long way. When we suggest that online bingo might be the next online poker, we are talking about its popularity amongst online gamers along with the revenue it generates for online bingo operators.

It is interesting to note that although the growth of online poker has over recent years has been sensational, its growth has not been a smooth one and on occasion it has changed direction and has gone into a decline. This was never clearer than during the Football World Cup in 2010. During the period immediately before, during and for some time afterwards that number of online poker players dropped so dramatically that some online poker operators got into cash flow problems. Presumably this was due to many poker players being keen football fans and also could have had something to do with a temporary change in gambling patters.

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Poker Tips

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