WSOP 2011: An event not to be missed

WSOP that stands for World Series of Poker is a popular series of poker tournaments. It is held in Las Vegas every year, wherein the winner of each event gets a WSOP bracelet along with a monetary award, which is based on buy in amounts and number of the entrants.

Over the years, this tournament has managed to grow in terms of the number of contestants and the different casino games being played. The schedule for WSOP 2011 is now public. This year, the World Series of Poker has 58 events that will be played over 50 days period starting from May 31 and lasting till July 19.

On its schedule, WSOP 2011 has listed the regular $500 Casino Employees event as the initial event. However, the next event for that very day is a tournament that many individuals will likely watch. It is a heads-up contest ($25,000) with player limit of 256. In the history of WSOP, this one is a richest tournament. There are other additions as well to the WSOP events. A mixed game tournament ($2,500) features 10 games in a six-handed match up. Besides, there is one more six-handed match, which is the Pot Limit Omaha of $5,000. The $25,000 (6-handed) event is however not part of WSOP 2011.

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Poker Statistics: How really important is the statistics

Of course, it is very useful to know and to take into consideration all these stat indicators but that cannot replace the personal observations of your opponents. Never forget the human factor. That would be a huge mistake. First, you should notice what hands are played by your opponents, the way they play different hands etc. Second, you should know that the style of playing can always be changed. Never forget that a player who changes his playing style and uses some new moves will not match the previous stat indicators. In this case you need to calculate other ones. That is why you need to follow the style of playing of your opponents at the moment and adapt your game accordingly i.e. you should never rely only on your previous calculations.

Besides, you cannot rely on statistics only when there are not enough hands played by your opponent. On the other hand, there is no need to become a stat maniac. When you get some experience, you will know exactly what indicators you need during a certain game.

Poker Statistics: The indicators you need to consider

Of course, there are many additional indicators such as check – raise, Second barrel etc. But there are some important indicators that you need to consider all the time. The recommended minimum is as follows: Number of hands, AF, VPIP, PFR, ATS, FoldBBSteal, FoldCB, WTSD. Of course, when you play, you need to choose the indicators you need the most – everything depends on the game. The most important thing is to remember that you need these indicators and to know that they will help you take the right decisions and win. Take these indicators into consideration not after the game but before that. After the game you can see whether your moves were right or not and analyze your play. Of course, this would be very useful. You should always analyze your play. But you need to learn how to use the statistic indicators during a play as well.

Poker Statistics: Went to Showdown (WTS, WTSD)

WTSD – it is very important indicator which shows how often a player comes to a showdown after seeing the flop. In case this indicator is higher than 40 %, you should forget about bluffing and play only the strong hands. In case the indicator is lower than 25 %, you can try to win the pot by bluffing but if there is a strong resistance, you should fold a weak hand. For a player with a short stack 30 or 40 % WTSD is absolutely normal due to the fact that it is often advantageous to go all – in on the pre – flop or on the flop. For a player with a large stack 20 – 30 % WTSD is preferable.

Poker Statistics: Fold to contbet

As the name implies, this indicator shows how often your opponent folds in response to a continuation bet. In case this indicator is more than 50 %, you can contbet very often. In case the indicator is less than 30 %, it makes no sense to place bets. But you should take into account this indicator when you decide about the style of the blinds since it will help you to calculate what is your chance to win the pot during the flop if your style has been called. The indicators that show how often your opponent calls or raises a continuation bet are called, respectively, call contbet and raise contbet.

Poker Tips

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