A Quick List Of Must-See Poker Movies

Poker has worked its way into numerous televised series and movies, which have boosted the popularity and fame of this enjoyable card game tenfold. The environment of choice for most poker scenes comprises of the Wild West saloons from the last century, because the harsh environment and the rugged players gave virtually every hand played an extra touch of drama. Even though the 5 card draw reigned supreme in those times, it is safe to say that nowadays Texas Hold’em occupies the number one position in the top of player preferences.

Poker enthusiasts also have plenty of poker and gambling related films set in the modern day to choose from such as Rounders, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Sting, The Cincinnati Kid or The Gambler, to name but a few. For instance, Rounders starring Matt Damon is focused on depicting the actual world of the online poker casinos and the WPT, bringing to the scene all the elements that make the internet version of this game increasingly attractive to the public.

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Understanding the legalization of poker in the US

The legalization of online poker in the United States has always been a sensitive subject for the government and the congress. Truth be told, many politicians that have originally spoken against the legalization of online gambling came to see the error of their ways particularly when faced with the crisis that entailed coming up with the 1.5 trillion dollars to cover the debt of the United States. However, from a broad perspective, there are few reasons to keep online casinos and online poker tournaments outside the law, considering that estimates reveal that the budget of this industry revolve around the sum of 6 billion dollars per year.

It is fair to note that the recent arguments between the sustainers of poker legalization within the territory of the United States associated with the fraud charges against a few of the major operators seem to drastically affect the outcome. In essence, in case you are not familiar with the public scandal, major online gaming casinos among which we will list Full Tilt, Poker Stars and Absolute Poker were charged with millions of dollars in fraud. Furthermore, these online casinos have also been accused several other grave offenses against the United States.

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Counting your outs in Texas Hold’em: Do you have what it takes?

Like they say, it is better to learn to walk before attempting to run. To win in a Texas poker tournament, luck, patience and an aspect of wit are all employed by the majority of experienced poker players. Right from the time the cards are dealt, reading the board and postulating the best hand from two cards that have been dealt to the player is quite possible. To further elaborate on Texas poker, it is essential to note that it is categorized into two: No Limit Texas Hold’em and Limit Texas Hold’em. In No Limit Texas Hold’em, the amounted betted is restricted by the number of chips a player can hold in a single instance, while in a Limit Texas poker game, restrictions are based on the amount of money a poker player can bet at a time.

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Buy-in Amounts for Card Counters

It is important as a card counter to buy-in for limited amounts and keep buying in if you lose. I once read an account of some blackjack players who made a very serious mistake. They walked into a casino and bought into a blackjack game for $1000. That is no bad thing in itself but they then proceeded to play only $5 per hand.

Firstly you need to place yourself into the minds of the dealers and pit bosses. When they see someone buy in for $1000 at blackjack then they immediately think “here comes a big player”. So in this instance betting $5 per hand looks rather strange and is contrary to what they are expecting you to do. But then again this isn’t necessarily bad either but the final mistake that this player made was to escalate his bets when the count went positive to many times what his starting bet had been.

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WSOP 2011: An event not to be missed

WSOP that stands for World Series of Poker is a popular series of poker tournaments. It is held in Las Vegas every year, wherein the winner of each event gets a WSOP bracelet along with a monetary award, which is based on buy in amounts and number of the entrants.

Over the years, this tournament has managed to grow in terms of the number of contestants and the different casino games being played. The schedule for WSOP 2011 is now public. This year, the World Series of Poker has 58 events that will be played over 50 days period starting from May 31 and lasting till July 19.

On its schedule, WSOP 2011 has listed the regular $500 Casino Employees event as the initial event. However, the next event for that very day is a tournament that many individuals will likely watch. It is a heads-up contest ($25,000) with player limit of 256. In the history of WSOP, this one is a richest tournament. There are other additions as well to the WSOP events. A mixed game tournament ($2,500) features 10 games in a six-handed match up. Besides, there is one more six-handed match, which is the Pot Limit Omaha of $5,000. The $25,000 (6-handed) event is however not part of WSOP 2011.

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Poker Tips

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