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Before I start to write down any poker strategies, I want to state that poker is a game of skill and the more you play, the more you will know. There are strategies which work for ones and do not work for others, but the best strategy is to practice a lot, so you will be prepared to any situation which might occur during your play. Yes, in poker the most important thing is to know how to react in a given situation, and you can get that skill only by practicing a lot. Also, strategies differ from one game type to the other, so take care and apply one strategy to only one kind of poker! Now let us see some working strategies!

First of all you should know that good hands are very rare! According to statistics, your chance of being dealt a Royal Flush in your first five cards is about 1 to 650.000. This was in the five card poker. Let us check the same hand in seven card poker: your chance is 0.0002 %. You might say that this is the highest hand that is why the statistics are this ugly. Ok, now let us see a simple Flush. In a five card game you have the chance to get a Flush in your first five cards of 1 in 510, and in the seven card variety the chances are 0.197 %. Now you can see that good hands are hard to get. So play accordingly: be patient and bet big money only when you have a good hand. But play a good hand if you have one!

A few lines above I said that you have to be patient. Yes, when you play poker, you have to concentrate and do not think about anything else. You should not drink before you start to play, because you will need a clear head for a good game. In poker, everything is about reflexes: you should know when to fold or when to raise the pot. If you are not concentrating, on the game, you will most certainly lose. And now we are talking about your money, so you should be concentrating and winning! So do not forget, always play poker with a clear head! You should not let your emotions to overcome, because then you will make the wrong decision. And you already know that wrong decisions cost you money!

Also, the strategies differ from one game type to the other; we all know that poker has several varieties. So it would be almost impossible to give you advice before knowing exactly what type of poker you want to play. Do not be alarmed, I will give you advice, actually I will help you by telling you some beginner mistakes. If you are aware of these mistakes, and you won’t fall into their trap, your game will improve quickly and you will win more than ever.

Beginners usually overplay their hands, you should avoid it! Let us see an explanation. Let us say you can combine the cards from your hand with the cards from the table and you get two pairs, not with the best cards. A beginner would bet big money on those two pairs, but a professional would not. A professional would know that there are three chances: his opponents have nothing, and then he wins only a small pot, his opponents have a single pair and they might call a single bet, or that his opponents have a better hand than he has. You should have at least a top pair or a set, in order to make a big bet. Now you can see how differently sees the table a beginner and a professional! So avoid overplaying your hands!

You should not ignore your opponents! By this I mean that you should play in a way to make them be unsure of your hand. If you the bets you make give your opponents a picture of your hand, they won’t make mistakes. And if they do not make mistakes, you won’t win. Try to raise the pot gradually; do not put all in when you have a good hand. You should raise the pot in a way that your opponents should at least call, but you should be aware that someone else might have a better hand than you, so you should be able to afford the loss. Try not to play only for yourself, try to induce your opponents in error, this way you can win a really big pot, because no one will know what cards you have.

If you follow my advice, you got yourself a pretty good online poker strategy. You can search the internet for specific strategies, as I said your detailed strategy is different from one poker type to the other. So first decide upon the type of poker you would like to play or learn, and only after look for an in-depth strategy. But if you follow these simple steps, your winnings will increase considerably. As a short reminder: always play with a clear had, be patient, because it is statistically proven that good hands are very rare; they will come, but you have to wait for them. And do not overplay your hands and finally do not bet in a transparent way! Do not let your opponents guess how good your cards really are!

So, in this article you could find a few tips to develop your poker skills. Although these tips are simple, you can use them as a strategy, and you will see their effects, but you can also look for an in-depth strategy, and use my tips additionally. Both ways, your game will improve and you will win more often and bigger pots. But do not forget the basic rule of a good poker player: practice as much as you can in order to prepare yourself to every possible situation which might occur during a game! So get started and good luck!


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