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Poker Strategies

Before I start to write down any poker strategies, I want to state that poker is a game of skill and the more you play, the more you will know. There are strategies which work for ones and do not work for others, but the best strategy is to practice a lot, so you will be prepared to any situation which might occur during your play. Yes, in poker the most important thing is to know how to react in a given situation, and you can get that skill only by practicing a lot. Also, strategies differ from one game type to the other, so take care and apply one strategy to only one kind of poker! Now let us see some working strategies!

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My 10 poker tips

In this article I want to share a few poker tips, on which I have lately built up a successful strategy at online poker tables.

1) How much you care your money – Everyone likes to win of course, but the important thing is that you don’t go mad if unluckily you lose. DON’T TILT!

2) How much you care your hands – All we hope to win with a good hand. But pay attention to the board, calculate odds and throw away those wild cowboys if necessary.

3) Spend time in training – You are an athlete and you must train. The more you train, the more the experience you get, the more the chance your play improves.

4) Read books – Well actually it’s part of training.

5) Keep track of your session results – It will help to control your profit/loss status and, at the same time, to evaluate if the poker strategy or specific technique you are adopting is better than another one.

6) Patience – Patience is perhaps the best skill, and for sure the most important, of a professional player. Not just patience to wait the right hand for winning the pot, but also patience to accept losses as a part of life, finding inside yourself the ability to use them at your advantage. Expect to experience several losses at poker tables and remember that, often, losses come before huge gains.

7) Don’t play too many hands and don’t exceed your prefixed budget – Choose a number of hands you are willing to play before you start your poker session and break as often as necessary to regain energy in your play. Many pro have their opinion on this. For example Annie Duke suggests to use the 30 bet Rule, that means never lose more than 30 big bets in a game. By limiting your losses to 30 big bets, you are effectively minimizing the time you spend playing poorly, maximizing the amount of time you spend playing your premium game.

8 ) When the ship starts to sink, don’t wait, jump! – It’s an axiom for many traders in finance. Make this sentence yours as well.

9) (NOT FOR ALL) Play sometimes what I call unrational poker or when playing 7-2 is the good thing to do – Sometimes it may be very fruitful, especially if your opponents are particularly emotional.

10) … and always it is true that if you can’t spot the easy target at your first half hour at the table, then you are the easy target.


Poker Tips

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