ATS indicator

Poker Statistics: ATS – how often the opponent tries to steal the blinds

ATS (Attempt to steal) indicator shows how often the opponent tries to steal the blinds from positions CO (Cut – off position) and BTN (button or dealer’s position). Here should be taken into account only the cases when there is a raise from these positions in case there were no limps or raises before. The number of the raises should be considered with respect to the number of the cases when no one had entered the pot before this player. ATS indicator will help you to determine the possible range of steal hands and to take decision with what hand you can attempt a re – steal. In order to understand your opponent better, you need to know the Raise first indicator relative to the positions BTN, CO, and SB (Small blind position).

In micro limit games it is not recommended to attempt a lot of steals and the ATS indicator should be within 15 % but in higher limit games steals are very important and the ATS indicator may become even 40 %.


Poker Tips

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