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Cash Poker: Goal Setting to Achieve Long Term Success

Your ultimate and continuous goal when playing any form of poker is to be a successful, winning poker player over a large sample of hands or tournaments. In a cash game, the best way to achieve this goal is to focus on 3 specific parts of the game. We must remember that profitability in a single session isn’t always guaranteed, and neither is long term success.  To become a profitable player overall, you must have specific hand, session, and off-table orientated goals that you must be mindful of when playing.

There are three main parts of the game when playing cash to consider that will help you achieve the ultimate poker goal. Each of these sections will overlap and influence one and other. When playing cash poker, we should be mindful of different poker aspects in the following situations: in a specific hand, in the overall session, and then how to act off of the table to achieve long term success.

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