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Suited Connectors in SNGs

Suited connectors are usually highly playable hands in deep stacked cash games. As a matter of fact, suited connectors, together with small pocket pairs and suited one-gappers are some of the best implied odds starting hands. How do these implied-odds hands retain their value in SNGs though?

The answer to that is in short-stacked cash games. Since SNGs seldom give players the possibility to enjoy the advantages of a large stack, suited connectors will have the same value in them as in short-stacked cash games: not nearly as playable as in a deep stacked cash game.

The value in suited connectors is in the possibility of making either a flush or a straight. Such hands don’t come about nearly as often as one would like to, which means that you’ll have to invest a serious amount of chips into them, before you do make a good hand and get an opponent all-in to recover all your losses and to make some profit too.

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