Texas Hold ‘Em

Why is Texas Hold ‘Em so Popular?

Poker has been around for hundreds of years. We all know that “Wild Bill” Hickock died at the poker table in Deadwood, Dakota Territory (now South Dakota), all the way back in the 1800s. What poker has never been, however, is nearly as popular as it is today with Texas Hold ‘Em. Even though the basic poker principals are the same, there are few styles of poker as exciting or engaging as Texas Hold ‘Em; why is that?

It’s simple, really: the fact that the majority of the cards are public, rather than private, information for the table is what makes the game of poker so unique. When the flop comes and three cards are up, it adds another psychological dimension entirely to an already psychologically complex game. Not only do you have to guess at what cards your opponents have, you also have to figure how the public cards relate to your hand and the opponent’s hand. Once the turn and the river come, the mathematics go completely wild and even more psychological complexity is added to the game. In addition, the public nature of the cards makes the game a very natural spectator sport, and since the game’s been on ESPN and all of the sports channels, its attendance has gone even higher.

It’s still a little inexplicable, though; the pros play Texas Hold ‘Em, but they also play all of the other styles of poker. The fact is, it may just be an accident of history. When the pioneers of online poker started the first real-money poker websites, they had absolutely no idea it would become so popular with not only the poker community, but also with mainstream sports fans. Now it’s a worldwide phenomenon, with millions of people playing online and in card rooms.

The United States government has even taken steps to shut down online poker, which should give you a hint at just how popular it is. Don’t worry, though, online poker companies have taken serious steps to make sure you can always online poker tournaments whenever and wherever you want. It’s extremely difficult to shut off the flow of money, and most online poker companies are protected by the laws of other countries outside of the United States. Various websites now offer free poker games to attract more players and give them some hands on experience before they start playing in real money tournaments. You can play Texas Hold ‘Em for as long as your heart desires as long as it stays popular, which it gives every indication of doing.


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