vpip indicator

Poker Statistics: VPIP – the percentage of the hands played

VPIP (Voluntarily put money in pot, sometimes indicated as VP$IP) shows what percentage of hands is voluntarily played by the opponent during the pre – flop. This indicator includes all hands when the opponent enters with a call i.e. limp or call – raise, or raises himself. It does not include the game during the blinds since they are not bets made voluntarily.

For a tight – aggressive short stack player when the table is big this indicator should be within 8 to 12 %. Very tight players usually are considered the ones with VPIP less than 20 % and very loose players the ones with VPIP more than 40 %. In other words, the higher the percentage, the looser are players. In case you have VPIP less than 7 %, that means you play too careful and that will reduce your profit. If you play with a large stack, your VPIP should increase with about 5 %. If you play against 5 – 6 players, your VPIP should increase with 3 or 4 % as well.


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